Hi there! My name is Brenda Ferrari, and this is my family. Over the years, we've explored unique destinations, explored cultures, and had adventures together. It doesn't take much to create memories with your loved ones. We publish this magazine to share with you opportunities to explore new places and activities that most people dream about, but are now a reality for all.

How it all began


   Brenda began her greatest adventure in 2004, when her son was born. Becoming a parent was full of amazing new life challenges and experiences that inspired her to re-experience life through her son’s eyes. Every learning moment for her little son, was in itself, the beginning of her life’s adventures.


   Through the years, she enjoyed taking him to parks, museums, libraries basically anywhere to develop his love for learning. While doing this, her passion for creating activities introduced her to camping, the great outdoors, snorkeling, horseback riding, traveling, and so much more. Realizing that even going to a free City park for a picnic,  created the most loving memorable family moments.


   After many years in the Healthcare industry, with many recent pandemic changes, the love for family and creating the most memories became a crucial decision to engage in the creation of The Family Adventure Guide. To share with families, single moms, single dads, grandparents that now may have become the parents of their children’s children, families with special needs, and families who want to add new members to their family, guidance, tips and many ideas to embrace these crucial moments in their lifetime.


   Being adventurous means you’re willing to go where you haven’t been before and do things you’ve never done, even if you don’t know how it’s going to turn out. The exciting part is that you will do these activities together, build courage together, that will reflect within your family’s memories.

Our Kids

   Two of the most talented children a parent could ever wish for.

   Elise is incredibly talented and extremely creative. The arts of 35 MM, film photography, a lost art since the advent of digital, have been embraced by her. With the creation of a photography club, she has created awareness at her school. 

   In her role as Director of Photography, she specializes in capturing images that illustrate nature’s beauty. She is talented at jewelry making, baking, and she has the knack for creating businesses, much like her father. Since she is gifted with the ability to master all her extreme sports, she enjoys all the adventures we share as a family.


   Christopher is an extreme sports enthusiast. He is fascinated with the thrill of mastering a sport. He started playing soccer, then turned to Tae Kwon Do, where he was awarded a black belt. He loves mountain biking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, whitewater rafting, and many other extreme sports.  

   Besides his gift for conversation, he has the ability to assist those who need help resolving an issue.  In addition to providing creative ideas, he communicates the need for content to be exciting and fun. In his role as Director of Creative Content, he analyzes and provides input and ideas to help the content fulfill the needs of our readers. Chris treasures family adventures and embraces the memories we create together.  


   Since Gary was young, he showed a natural talent for entrepreneurship. His primary interest was working with computer software. Having created a successful business, he was able to devote time to his passion for extreme sports. In addition to wakeboarding, wake surfing, mountain biking, whitewater rafting and snowboarding, he enjoys many other types of activities that stimulate his  adrenaline.


The ultimate adventure arrived when he became a father.  He has passed on his entrepreneurship skills and the love of extreme sports to his daughter. Following in his direct footsteps, she has created her own businesses while she enjoys the love of her extreme sports.


   During the year 2021, Gary embarked on another exciting adventure. Establishing another business platform that provides individuals with the opportunity to learn about cryptocurrency trading. He has become a teacher and a mentor to many who meet him. Having now joined The Family Adventure Guide, he shares his love of family time and the adrenaline rushing activities that create memories for his loving family.

We don’t know where we'll be in a week or in a month. 
We do what we want for as long as we want, always trying out new experiences.

— Brenda, Gary, Elise, Chris (BGEC Media) —